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    Objectives of the Institution :- 

    • To impart quality education to the learners

    • To encourage innovative activities relating to teacher training programme

    • To provide academic guidance with timely feedback to the student-teachers for improving their intellectual standard

    • To give proper training regarding teaching and classroom management

    • To provide due status to all teaching and non-teaching staff and students

    • To provide ample opportunity to every learner for their creative self-expression

    • To organize community work, celebrating national days, organizing different inter college programmes to bring community and national development

    • To conduct gardening, plantation, beautification of surroundings for ecological and environmental protection

    • To bring overall nourishment of the student – teachers to make significant progress for quality of secondary education in our society

    • To bring social harmony, peace, feelings of brotherhood, to make democratic form of our government a success

    • To develop skill and attitude of the student-teachers in such a way by which they can face the challenges of society and education