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    Welcome to Deshapran College of Teachers’ Education (B.Ed Section)

    Deshapran College of Teachers’ Education a self-financing institution under the Jararnagar Rural and Educational Welfare Society recognized by the NCTE, vide order No. ERC/7-100.6(i) (15).1/2009/ 1370(1) dated 31/08/2009, affiliated to Vidyasagar University, Midnapur, West Bengal has been successfully imparting quality education to the students of B.Ed.

    Deshapran College of Teachers’ Education is named after the famous freedom fighter, whose named was Deshapran Birendranath Sasmal. He was born in Chandiveti, a nearby village where this college is situated. Many people from distance places come to see his native home even today. There is a place called Hawa Khana beside his home. He used to spend sometime in that place. There is a river in Deshapran Block, named Rasulpur river. The great novelist Bankim Chandra has mentioned about this river in his famous novel ‘Nabakumar’. The place where this B.Ed. college is situated, was full of water long ago. Even small boats were their for transportation. There was a tamarind tree at the southern end of that place, where these boats tied up by ropes. This particular tree even exists today. This place in known as Jahajbandha tamarind tree. The Aurai village (where this college is now situated) gone birth to many freedom fighters. Among them many died long before. There is a Kali Mandir not far from this college. The Kali Puja is this mandir is a very famous and old tradition within the Contai Block. Many people come to see that famous festival with their devotional faith. There is also a village. Called Bahiri. This village is not far from Aurai village. Bahiri village is also famous fro its historical background. There is a Mandir called “Jora Deul.” It is said Thatthis Mandir was build within one night. Jagannath Mandir, Baro Math, Choto Math are also the famous places in Bahiri.

    To glorify the institution it has two well-equipped multistoried building having adequate library facilities, ICT facilities, Psychological Lab., Language Lab., Science Lab., Gymnasium facilities, three playgrounds and last but not least the suitable manpower to provide quality education to the would-be teachers of the nation. College also provides separate rooms for male and female teachers. College magazine “Nabadaya” provides students- teachers an opportunity to explore their talents and creative skills. The college organizes various competitions, co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities for all round development of student-teachers.

    Purpose: The main purpose of the institution is to provide and promote quality education to the future teachers (student – teachers).

    Vision: It was the vision of the present management to provide quality teacher education programme to the needy student of an educationally backward area like Auria, where the students have potentiality but very little scope to actualize their potentials.

    Mission: The institution with qualified and competent faculties has a determination to get cent percent result of the learners. This is the chief mission of the institution.

    Aims: It aims at promoting balanced and good personality of the learners to be successful and acclaimed in future with their respective profession. As it is a teacher education institution, the ethics of good teachers are permeated all through the surroundings.


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    Sangita Jana

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    Deshapran College of Teachers’ Education (B.Ed. Section)
    Village – Aurai, PS – Contai, District – Purba Medinipur, Pin – 721427, West Bengal
    Phone : 03220 276758/ 276139 ; Fax:– 03220 276758
    Nearest Railway Station: Contai
    Nearest Town: Contai