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    Facilities for Games & Sports

    We have our own Playground, Gymnasium/Multipurpose Hall, facilities for Gymnasium, facilities
    for Athletics, facilities for Indoor and Outdoor Games

    List of Equipments (Physical Education)


    Dumble 160 pcs
    Volleyball 4 pcs
    Volleyball Net 2 pcs
    Discus 2 pcs
    Shot-put 1 pcs
    High Jump Stand and Bar 1 pcs
    Tape 1 pcs
    Javelin 1 pcs
    Cricket Bat 4 pcs
    Wicket 6 pcs
    Football 2 pcs
    Whistle 2 pcs
    Badminton Racket 2 pcs
    Badminton Net 1 pcs
    Kho-Kho Pole 1 pcs
    Volleyball Pole 2 pcs
    Ludo Set 4 pcs
    Chess Set 1 pcs
    Caram Set 2 pcs
    Playing Card 10 pcs